12 Best Crime Series of the 21st Century [Where to Watch]

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Real-life crimes have infected film and television, and the outcome could not be more satisfying. Series and films based on real or historical events have always been popular, but when the element of crime is added, they become much more addictive and successful. This is because they provide a window into the tragedies and lives of others, allow us to see what was going through the minds of the victims and perpetrators, and provide a means of catharsis and perspective.

In reality, many Emmy-nominated programs have this aspect of True Crime, in addition to being the ones that break audience records and keep us all discussing the same topic for weeks, as occurred in the Ann Delvey case.

It is not a new genre, but it has certainly exploded and grown in the 21st century, producing some of the greatest series of all time, some with supernatural elements, such as Midnight Mass, and others completely realistic, brutal, and raw, such as Under the Banner of Heaven, in which Andrew Garfield must solve a murder.

Here is a list of 12 Best Crime Series of the 21st Century:

Under the Banner of Heaven – Star+

Andrew Garfield received a well-deserved nomination for best actor for his role in this 1984-set series. A loyal man who works as a police investigator is led to investigate the murder and death of a woman in this novel. Little daughter. Soon he discovers that the case may be linked to one of the most influential families in the conservative church, putting his faith to the test and making him anxious to uncover the truth.

Midnight Mass – Netflix

The series by Mike Flanagan is horror and fiction. However, there is a horrible moment based on a genuine situation. The series depicts the tale of a tiny hamlet that is visited by a new priest who can perform miracles but are actually part of a macabre and violent plot and are not exactly from God. The series depicts a suicide scene inspired by the tragedy. Jonestown case, in which hundreds of followers of its leader drank a poisoned drink and committed suicide.

The Americans – Star+

The series starring Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys follows two Russian agents who have entered the United States and must pose as a normal family in order to relay information from one nation to another. The story is supposedly based on the situation of an American married couple, Andrei Bezrukov and Elena Vavilova, who was accused of being covert agents for the Russian government, and how this affected their children, who were unaware of what their parents were doing. What was occurring?


Vikings is a historical series that centers on many genuine figures, primarily Ragnar Lodbrok, a mighty Viking leader who led his people to conquer European countries and find new lands, and who participated in the fiercest wars.

When They See Us – Netflix

This series demonstrates how racism can have a role in “closing” a case. When They See Us is the story of five teens accused of raping a jogger in Central Park. Before the truth was found, the youngsters were imprisoned for years after falsely confessing to a crime they did not commit while being interrogated for hours without access to legal counsel and under duress.


Based on the book by the FBI agents who formed the psychological profiling branch, this series follows two agents who are dedicated to interviewing the most ruthless offenders, such as Ed Kemper, in order to determine what motivated them to act and how to stop future serial killers.

American Crime Story: The Assassination of Gianni Versace – Star+

Ryan Murphy’s series on the case of Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinsky has aired for two seasons and will return for a third. His best season to date examines the murder of Gianni Versace, who was gunned down in front of his Miami home by a sick and obsessed individual who claimed to be a fan.

Black Bird – Apple Tv+

This frightening series starring Taron Egerton is based on a horrific case. The story opens with a man who is condemned to 10 years in prison for a narcotics offense but is offered a chance to get his sentence reduced and be released. For this, he must penetrate a high-security jail and extract the confession of a girl-killer who does not reveal the location of his victims’ bodies or the number of them.

Inventing Anna – Netflix

This is a less violent but highly addictive crime. This series stars Julia Garner as Anna Delvey, a supposed millionaire heiress who arrives in New York in order to establish a foundation. While doing so, she lives a lavish lifestyle of luxury hotels, expensive dinners, and lavish vacations, funded by the money of those he duped into believing he would soon inherit a fortune.

Our Boys – HBO Max

This gritty miniseries is based on a true incident that relates to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and its effects on the local population. Three Jewish adolescents are murdered by Hamas terrorists at the beginning of Our Boys, and two days later, the charred body of a Palestinian teenager is discovered in a forest near the city as retribution. Simón must examine the incidents and assist the parents in obtaining justice to avert further tensions, animosity, and violence. The series depicts how the murder of the children irrevocably altered the lives of tens of thousands of others.

Homeland – HBO Max

The subject matter of this Spanish miniseries based on the same-titled novel aroused controversy. The story transports us back to the time of ETA, telling the story of a man who is killed by terrorists, as well as that of many young people who joined the fight believing they were doing the best for their country, demonstrating how they were treated when they were arrested and creating a parallel with the victims they killed.

Home Before Dark – Apple Tv+

True Crime is also available for the entire family. This series starring Brooklyn Prince is inspired by the true story of a young journalist who was tasked with investigating a suspicious case in her city. After moving to a tiny town with her family, Hilde Lisko begins to investigate the kidnapping of a local youngster that occurred years prior.

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