10 Top Movies with Fainting Scenes [Where to Watch]

Top 10 Movies that Cause Fainting
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Yes, believe it or not, there are movies with fainting scenes or have made people faint and make people shiver in their seats if they dare to watch them.

When The Exorcist first came out in theaters, there were a lot of reports of people passing out, having panic attacks, and having their hearts race. This made more and more people want to see what the show was about and why theaters were turning into a kind of haunted house where everyone came out a little crazy and on the verge of hysteria. Horror movies are meant to scare and frighten people, but some go a step further and are so scary, extreme, and violent to look at that they leave people so horrified that they swear they’ll never watch another movie again. So.

Feeling the tension that comes from being scared can be addicting. This is why horror movies, which aren’t meant to make us cry or laugh but to make us shiver, clench our teeth, and sink as far as we can into our seats, are so popular. Festivals like the Toronto International Film Festival (TIFF) even have special sections for movies that bring the art of scaring to the screen.

For example, there were rumors that people fainted, threw up, or even had seizures while watching the French movies Revenge and Raw. The first is a story about revenge that gets out of hand. Halfway through the show at the Toronto Film Festival, things got out of hand, and according to reports, the director and her main character, Matilda Lutz, started to see paramedics running into the room to help a person who, after a brutal and bloody scene, was attacked and fell unconscious.

And what happened with this movie isn’t exactly new; it’s happened before, even with some classics. We all like a good scare, and cases like this one, Raw, and The Exorcist only help the cult of terror keep growing.

10 top movies with fainting scenes

1. Raw, 2016

This French movie starring Garance Marillier and showing cannibalism, blood, and violence in a way that makes you feel sick caused a lot of controversy and panic. The movie is about a teenager who goes to veterinary school. While there, she eats a piece of raw meat, which sets off an instinct that makes her want to eat human flesh. This is a family secret. Raw is not that extreme, but it is made to make you feel tenser and tenser.

2. Revenge, 2017

The main character of this revenge movie is Matilda Lutz. It starts with a sexual assault and ends with a wave of violent murders. Lutz plays a woman who goes on a trip with her boyfriend and his friends, but they treat her badly and leave her in the desert thinking he is dead. Of course, he is still alive, so she goes back to make them suffer as much as she did.

3. The Painted Bird, 2019

At one of the festivals where it was shown for the first time, this movie was said to have made people want to leave the theater. The black-and-white film won an award at the Chicago International Film Festival. The fainting theme came up because it shows a Jewish boy who escapes the Nazis during World War II and travels alone through Eastern Europe being mistreated by many people as he tries to get to a safe place. That’s why, this film is one of the top most movies with fainting scenes.

4. Irreversible, 2002

The film starring Monica Bellucci is intense, extreme, and begins at the end, as well as using camera trickery to make you dizzy and restless. This is the story of a woman who leaves a party with her friends and is violently raped by a stranger while walking home, leaving her on the point of death, and prompting her boyfriend to seek vengeance.

5. Midsummer, 2019

Ari Aster showed that you don’t have to be dark to scare people. It is said that when Florence Pugh’s movie came out, the studio gave people who saw it free therapy. There were also many videos and memes of people running out of theaters. The movie is about a group of friends who go to a summer festival in the Nordic countries. There, they find out that they are taking part in a macabre and violent ritual and that they can’t get away from a terrible fate.

6. The Exorcists, 1973

The first movie ever made, about a train leaving, made people afraid for their lives. The Exorcist tried to recreate that feeling with spinning heads, vomiting, and demonic possession, which made people cry, run, and even pass out (there are many videos of this). Things got even worse when the story spread that the movie about a girl who was possessed and the fight to save her soul was based on a real case.

7. Antichrist, 2009

Lars von Trier is the best when it comes to making movies that are scary, and this is one of the scariest. The movie is about a couple who loses their son in a terrible way. The woman goes crazy and runs away to a cabin in the woods, where things get worse and worse until she tries to kill her husband in a brutal way. and a scene of self-harm that you can’t get out of your head.

8. Swallow, 2019

This horror movie starring Haley Bennett also caused fainting, anxiety, and even a bit of hysteria at festivals, because it’s about a pregnant woman with a strange illness that makes her eat things that are dangerous for her and others. her baby, and that they can hurt her inside.

9. Poltergeist

Even though it came out 35 years ago, Poltergeist is still a who’s who of scary movie tropes: ghosts reaching out through the jumbled signals on your TV, man-eating trees lurking outside your window, evil clowns hiding under your bed, and a portal to another dimension casually stuffed in the closet. And no matter how long it’s been since you first saw it or how sure you are that you didn’t dig up any ancient native burial grounds when you dug your in-ground pool, it still has that certain something that makes even your cookie-cutter suburban tract house or your big-screen TV feel like it might be full of threats from another world. Without a friend with you, the first time little Carol Anne says, “They’re here!” you’ll be too scared to go on.

10. Contracted

What’s the worst thing that could happen if you have unprotected party sex with a random stranger, even if you’re not sure if you both want it? This is all answered in Contracted, and man, it’s so much worse than an STD. This movie takes two old-school horror tropes—zombie pandemics and “sex equals death”—and combines them into something newer… or maybe “fresher” isn’t the right word, given what happens to the main character over the course of the movie. Tip: Don’t watch this movie by yourself, but also don’t schedule it for date night.

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