The Rings of Power: Who is Theo [Explained]

The rings of power
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In The Rings of Power, there are elves, dwarves, and Harfoots, who are the ancestors of the hobbits. There are also humans, and they are very important to Sauron and everything that happens after he comes back.

Galadriel is saved by a human after she decides it is not her time to go to Valinor. This is something she does until the end of Lord of the Rings, so we already knew this. It is also humans who start to notice the signs that something bad might be about to happen such as poisoned wells, sick cows, and destroyed towns.

In one of the human towns, we meet Arondir, Ismael Cruz Córdova’s elf who is in charge of making sure everything is in order, and Bronwyn, a healer who has a secret relationship with the elf and is in charge of taking care of a teen boy in a community that is going through hard times.

Theo (Tyroe Muhafidin), Bronwyn’s son, is interesting because he lives through an orc attack and finds a mysterious broken sword that reacts with his blood and has the mark of the enemy, also known as Sauron.

Who is Theo, and what kind of sword did he find?

While his mom is trying to figure out what’s wrong with the sick cows and the destroyed town next door, Theo shows his friends a treasure hidden under the floor of an old barn.

There, Theo finds a strange relic: a broken sword that gives them a vision like Galadriel’s with a burning symbol and that, after they kill the orc, reacts with his blood and repairs itself with some kind of black magic.

The sword’s reaction makes us think that Theo and Sauron are connected in some way, or at least that the dark side is calling to the teenager, like it did to Saruman and Boromir in Lord of the Rings.

In an interview with IGN, producer Lindsey Weber said that Theo is tempted by the dark side. This could be because he is unhappy with his life and wants to know what happened to his father and why his mother is dating an elf, which some humans don’t like and see as a threat.

As for the sword, we know that humans and elves worked together to defeat Morgoth and Sauron in battle. Sauron is still alive, but he’s probably hurt, and the fact that the sword reacts and calls out to Theo could mean a lot of different things.

The first is that Sauron is waking up (the sword thing happens around the time Nori finds the meteor man, so the two could be related), and the second is that Theo could play a much bigger role in Sauron’s story. The Rings of Power might even have something to do with Nmenor, which we know as the great land of people that Sauron destroys.

Another theory says that Theo could become the Witch King of Angmar, who fought Aragorn, Gandalf, and the others while riding a dragon in Lord of the Rings. This would mean that he could become an important human leader and could have one of the rings of power.

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