8 Best Thriller Series on Netflix [Recommended by Stephen King]

Best Thriller Series on Netflix
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Have you seen the last episode of your favorite show? Stephen King knows what you should watch on Netflix right now. The master of horror posted a list on his Twitter account with many great series and movies (most of which are thrillers or horror stories) that you should watch.

Now that we all spend more time at home and use streaming as our main way to have fun, it’s getting harder to find something good to watch. It’s not that there’s nothing good to watch; it’s just that we tend to do more marathons because we have more time on our hands (since we don’t have to deal with traffic) and more hours to fill with a good movie or TV show.

There are a lot of things to watch on Netflix, but not everything is good. Since Stephen King is the author of books like The Shining, Doctor Sleep, and The Outsider (which is now also one of the best series of the year) and many other books that have already been turned into movies and shows, he decided to help out the community by giving us a few suggestions that we can watch right now. (Even though one is not yet available in Mexico.)

Stephen King usually only recommends what he likes and what surprises him the most (he has recommended books and movies in the past), so you can be sure that this won’t waste your time or kill that feeling. regret and a desire to get back the hours that were lost.

Some of the shows he recommends on Twitter are La Casa de Papel and Mindhunter, but he also recommends new horror, mystery, and suspense shows.

Stephen King Suggests the Following Shows on Netflix:

To The Lake

What it’s about: This Russian series starts when a strange epidemic breaks out in Russia, forcing a man to take his broken and dysfunctional family out of the city and to a lonely lake house where they can support themselves. out of reach of the virus.

Devil in Ohio

What it’s about: This series is supposedly based on a real case. It follows a psychiatrist (Emily Deschanel) who, when a mysterious teenage girl shows up at her hospital, decides to take her home to care for her. There, she starts to learn that the girl may have escaped from a brutal cult that needs her to complete a demonic ritual.

Black Summer

What it’s about: This zombie show is starred by Jaime King, and it’s about a mother who has to search the whole country for her daughter, whom she lost contact with when the epidemic broke out. She is determined to get it back, so she starts fighting with other survivors to get where she wants to go.

Pine Gap

What it’s about: This series is made up, but some parts are based on real things. The story takes place at a secret military intelligence base called Pine Gap, where agents from the US and Australia work together to find and stop terrorist threats. However, this partnership starts to fall apart when a plane is attacked and the agents’ different interests start to clash.


What it’s about: This Class Bang series is based on the classic vampire story. It starts in Transylvania, where a scary vampire comes to life and starts to scare the people of London until he gets accidentally trapped and is set free centuries later. A modern man who doesn’t fear vampires and has to deal with other enemies.


What it’s about: Many people’s favorite. Mindhunter is based on the true stories of FBI agents who dedicated themselves to interviewing the most notorious killers, like Ed Kemper, in order to create the profiling unit, which would later help solve all kinds of criminal cases and stop criminals. They caught would-be serial killers before they had a lot of victims.

The Stranger

The miniseries is based on a book by Harlan Coben. It starts when a stranger stops a man and tells him a secret about his wife that could destroy his family. They didn’t know who to trust. When he starts to look into it, he finds that everything is linked to a string of crimes and tragedies.


What’s going on: Fauda, which comes from the same people who made Hit & Run, is thought to be one of Netflix’s best shows. It follows different people who live in Israel and are on different sides of the conflict with Palestine. Here, Doron is the leader of a special forces unit, and his job is to find a terrorist.

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