Everything that you Need to Know about Kengan Ashura Season 3

Kengan Ashura Season 3

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Kengan Ashura season 3 is a fighting anime produced by Larx Entertainment in Japan. The anime, which appears to be based on Baki at first appearance, was one of the most popular in Japan and around the world. In the anime, we saw gory fights with bare hands and deaths. According to IMDb data, the Kengan Ashura season 3 anime achieved a high rating of 8.0 from people, making it one of the greatest anime of 2019.

In truth, the series is an adaptation of the same-named manga. Yabako Sandrovich’s manga series, written and illustrated by him, has appeared in Ura Sunday and MangaONE magazines. The Netflix-licensed anime version, on the other hand, generated more buzz than the manga. Fans are asking if a third season would be released. It has been a long time since the series aired. Before we get into the specifics of the third season, let’s look at the past and the expectations.

In this article, we are going to talk about Kengan Ashura season 3 and everything that you need to know.

About Kengan Ashura

Kengan Ashura season 1 of the anime ended with Ohma facing Raian of the Kure clan in the second round of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament. Ohma first used the Advance to oppose Raian’s Removal method, but after developing a sense of purpose through hallucinations of his late master Niko, Ohma defeated Raian using his new iteration of the Niko Style.

Kengan Ashura season 3 will begin with the third match-up of the second round, in which Wakatsuki will face Julius. A battle between the tournament’s two most physically gifted participants. But that’s just the start of the Kengan Ashura season 2, as you’ll witness twelve more terrible encounters to determine the victor of the Kengan Annihilation Tournament.

We don’t know what style or when Kengan Ashura season 3 will be released, but we do know that it will be one of the year’s biggest anime releases.

Kengan Ashura Season 3 Release Date

The official release date of Kengan Ashura Season 3 has yet to be announced by Netflix or Larx Entertainment. In the third chapter of Kengan Ashura, however, there is a lot of excitement on social media and anime communities.

The fans are ecstatic, and they can’t wait to see more nail-biting action moments in this movie.

So, if Netflix’s creators announce the new chapter in summer 2022, we may expect the new season to premiere in late 2023.

Keep an eye out for updates if the Netflix developers provide any official information on Kengan Ashura Season 3.

Is the Trailer for Kengan Ashura Season 3 Out Now?

There is no trailer for Kengan Ashura Season 3 available because Netflix has yet to announce the renewal of the third season of Kengan Ashura. We will certainly update this item as soon as we obtain formal confirmation of the show’s start date.

As of now, you can view the official trailer for Kengan Ashura’s first two seasons here. So that you can get a sense of the plot of this anime.

Kengan Ashura Season 3 Plot

Kengan Ashura Season 3

In Kengan Ashura season 3 salaryman Kazuo Yamashita is tasked with supervising the terrifying Ohma Tokita and winning an annual competition organized by Japan’s aristocratic economic elite. If Ohma overcomes an assassin named Raian in the middle of the competition, the two-season series “Kengan Ashura” comes to an end.

When Ohma advances to the Kengan Ashura season 3 the battle will most likely be won by the third season of “Kengan Ashura.” “Kengan Ashura” is based on Yabako Sandrovich and Daromeon’s comic book collection. The final episode of the second season matches Chapter 135 of the original manga series.

Chapter 236 of the “Kengan Ashura” manga concludes in some respects, while much of the ensuing content concentrates on the ongoing competition. This means that the anime’s developers will have a plethora of plot concepts to choose from when developing new seasons.

According to a Reddit hypothesis, Kengan Ashura season 3 could have been an original spinoff show dubbed “Kengan Omega,” starring two brand-new characters. However, until we receive written confirmation that will be produced, the show’s content is entirely speculative.

Who will be in the Cast of Kengan Ashura Season 3?

Kaiji Tang provides the English voice for Ohma Tokita, the main character in “Kengan Ashura” (nicknamed Ashura). Tang’s credits include the evil Sanemi Shinazugawa in “Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train,” superpowered professor Satoru Gojou in “Jujutsu Kaisen,” the interesting Aikawa in “Dorohedoro,” and many more. Ohma’s Japanese voice actor is Tatsuhisa Suzuki, who previously played the protagonist in Masaaki Yuasa’s “Kick-Heart ” and many characters in multiple “Pokémon ” anime series.

Keith Silverstein plays Kazuo Yamashita, the series’ co-lead and manager of Ohma’s fighting career, in English. Cho plays the part of the character in Japanese.

Tokita, Ohma’s surrogate father, died in April 2020 (via Inquirer.net), therefore if “Kengan Ashura” gets extended for a Kengan Ashura season 3, the show’s producers will have to find a successor for Fujiwara. Tang, Suzuki, and the rest of the voice cast from the first two seasons are likely to return if “Kengan Ashura” is revived.

Character Voice Actor
Tokita Ouma Suzuki Tatsuhisa
Yamashita  Kazuo  Cho
Wongsawat Gaolang Tsuda Kenjirou
Kure Karla Kurosawa Tomoyo
Sekibayashi Jun Inada Tetsu
Imai Cosmo Enoki Junya

Will there be a Kengan Ashura Season 3?

Things are looking well for the Kengan Ashura season 3 to be released in late 2022 or early 2023. Despite the lack of a formal announcement, an announcement was made on Twitter that anime fans could take and run with. The fact that the show felt confident enough to make an announcement on Twitter demonstrates that the writers are eager to get back to work and finish another season of the show.

An official announcement with a precise date will be made when the show’s creators feel confident enough to do so, but anime fans will be relieved to know that things are leaning toward a season three release sooner rather than later.

Total Seasons of Kengan Ashura

Kengan Ashura season 3 like most other well-known anime programs, began as a manga series. Despite the fact that the Manga series had 27 volumes, there were only two seasons of anime adaptation (consisting of 12 episodes each).

Kengan Ashura Season 1 premiered on July 31, 2019. Soon later, on October 31, 2019, the second season premiered. Both seasons were released on Netflix. So, if you don’t want to miss the third season’s debut, keep your eyes on Netflix.

Is Kengan Ashura Season 3 Worth Watching?

If you enjoy Baki and martial arts, Kengan Ashura is an absolute must-see. Because of the eye-catching animations in the first two portions of the anime, it gained a large fan base.

Larx Entertainment was successful in retaining the originality of the original manga series, which makes it more enjoyable to watch.

Where Can You Watch Kengan Ashura Season 3?

If you like action movies, especially anime, the Kengan Ashura is for you. People who like Baku would enjoy watching Kengan Ashura season 3. If you want to watch Kengan Ashura from season 1 to season 3, you can only do so on Netflix internationally.

Kengan Ashura Season 3 Rating & Reviews


Everyone evaluates a show based on their rating. The ratings are usually the most accurate indicator of a show’s chances of remaining on the air. The better the chances of survival, the higher the ratings. The show has a respectable rating of 8.0/10 on IMDb, and a 7.44 average audience rating on MyAnimeList.


The animation and dialogue are both excellent (for an anime of this type). I wanted a faster pace so that others who don’t read manga could understand what was going on. The fights’ progression is quite repetitious, but they are still enjoyable. It was a fun diversion, but now we have to wait for Kengan Ashura season 3 when it comes out.


The show has become extremely popular all over the world. As a result, people are anxiously anticipating Kengan Ashura season 3. This is certainly confirmed, considering the story of Season 2 is still ongoing. We do not yet have any updates on this anime series, but any future updates made by the studio on this anime will be shared with you on our website as soon as they are revealed. So, don’t forget to keep up with us.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Kengan Ashura Season 3

Will there be a Kengan Ashura season 3?

The anime has been renewed for a third season, according to official reports. The editor of the Kengan Omega manga has confirmed that the season would continue till the end of the original manga (the end of the tournament). Netflix will broadcast Kengan Ashura Season 3 internationally.

Is Kengan Ashura Coming Back?

Because the tale of the Kengan Ashura anime series is still incomplete, fans of the manga series anticipate a second season. Kengan Ashura Season 2 will be released on Netflix on March 23, 2022.

Who is the Strongest in the Kengan Ashura?

Except for Kuroki Gensai, no one has ever defeated Kanoh in the whole series, which is why he is ranked second on the list. Kuroki Gensai is the most powerful character in Kengan Ashura.

Is Kengan a good Anime?

This is without a doubt the best anime I’ve ever seen. The animation is incredible, and the plot is fantastic. I can’t wait for season 2 to be released. I watched the first season in two nights since I was hooked after the first episode.

Who did Ohma Marry?

Karura supported Ohma as he fought heroically against the Devil Lance in the finals between Ohma and Kuroki Gensai. Kurara ecstatically reiterated after the tournament that Erich had granted his consent for her to marry Ohma, having recognized his strength.

Is Kengan Ashura Available on Netflix?

Yes, yes, yes! The first two seasons debuted on Netflix, and the show was far more successful in the United States than in Japan.

Is Kengan Ashura Manga Better than Anime?

Although it is an objective choice, some argue that the manga of Kengan Ashura is superior to the anime.

Who is the Protagonist of Kengan Omega?

Narushima Koga ( 成 なる 島 しま 光 こう 我 が, Narushima Kōga; “Koga Narushima”), also known as The Fist Eye ( 拳 けん 眼 がん, Kengan), is a young man who entered the underground fighting scene and the Kengan contests in order to improve his fighting strength.

Is Baki and Kengan Ashura the Same?

While the Baki series follows the titular character as he attempts to develop strength in order to overthrow his all-powerful father, Kengan Ashura follows fighters as they represent firms and battle on behalf of Chief Executive Officers in harsh tournaments that result in bizarre takeovers.

Did Kengan Ashura End?

Father is the twenty-fourth and final episode of Kengan Ashura’s anime adaptation.

Is Baki related to Kengan Ashura?

While the Baki series follows the titular character as he attempts to develop strength in order to beat his all-powerful father, Kengan Ashura follows fighters as they represent corporations and battle on behalf of CEOs in brutal tournaments that result in takeovers determined in the oddest of ways.

How many seasons does Kengan Ashura have?

After a two-and-a-half-year hiatus, ‘Kengan Ashura’ has been renewed and will return for Part 3 on Netflix.

Is Kengan Ashura worth watching?

One of the best fighter anime I’ve seen, way superior to BAKI, thus I enjoyed it; each bout amongst the various fighters is excellent. I’m not a fan of CGI, but this is incredible, so smooth. It’s by far the next greatest thing to BAKI after two seasons of this program.

What is the difference between Kengan Ashura and Baki?

The show begins with escaped, violent prisoners and only evolves from there, thus the fighting cannot cease just because a referee calls time. Baki is the deadlier anime, whereas Kengan Ashura is more entertaining to watch because of the skill in the bouts and animation that makes the combat appear much smoother.

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