Unsolved Mysteries 3: Who Murdered David Carter, the Body in the Bag?

Unsolved Mysteries 3
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The first three chapters of the third season of Unsolved Mysteries 3 include exceedingly puzzling cases.

Tiffany Valiante, an 18-year-old teen who was found dead on the train tracks only weeks after receiving a college scholarship, was the first. Her death was judged to be a suicide, but a sequence of hints, discrepancies, and unusual occurrences led her family and many others to assume she had been killed.

The second segment of the frightening video series, Something in the Sky, is a supernatural story, and the third begins with a Sleeping Bag discovered on Interstate 75 in Michigan.

The workers who discovered the sleeping bag initially assumed that a dead pet’s body had been discovered inside, but they decided to notify the authorities to be certain, and they discovered a dreadful truth.

What Happened to David Carter from Unsolved Mysteries?

According to the Netflix series, what was discovered in the blue sleeping bag, secured with gray tape, was the bottom half of a human body, missing the head, chest, hands, and everything from the navel up, leading investigators to suspect that it could be a technique for him to conceal his identity.

The body was that of a man called David Carter, who was 39 years old when he died in October 2018, just days after his family reported him missing.

According to RadioTimes, David Carter worked at the Magna Seating Plant, had his own clothing line, and was a volunteer coach for his community’s children’s soccer team, and led a normal life very close to his family, but everything changed in September. 2018, when he went missing after attending one of his son’s games.

According to Unsolved Mysteries, David was a model father and a man of integrity and hard work, and he had a new girlfriend, Tammy Williams, who had many red lights for his family (they term her obsessive in the chapter), but he remained close to his ex-partner and was loyal to his family.

On September 30, 2018, David’s son went to his house to pick up some items, but when he arrived, Tammy allegedly slammed the door and refused to let him in, stating that David had gone for a walk alone.

Carter’s coworkers then called his family to report that he hadn’t turned up for work in days, so his sister went to his apartment to investigate. They allegedly discovered an open door, an unmade bed, and a blood smear on the mattress, in addition to an obvious bullet hole.

A few days later, on October 1, his sleeping bag and body were discovered by the side of the road. David is thought to have been shot in the head while sleeping.

Tammy Williams became a person of interest and a suspect as a result of this, and was arrested for interrogation, but was swiftly released owing to a lack of evidence and fled the city, prompting officials to assume she may have murdered Carter and concealed the evidence.

No one knows where Tammy Williams is right now, but RadioTimes reports that there is a $10,000 reward for information on her location, and they are confident that someone is assisting her in remaining concealed.

Why did Tammy murder David? That is unknown for certain, and only Tammy can explain what really happened between her and David.

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