Enola Holmes 2: The Incredible True Story that Inspired the Netflix Sequel

Enola Holmes 2
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Don’t read on if you haven’t seen Enola Holmes 2 yet, because there are spoilers ahead.

Enola Holmes 2 starts not long after the first film ended. Enola, played by Millie Bobby Brown, has just opened her own detective agency. Just when she thinks no one will hire her because they prefer her older brother, she gets his first client and his first official case.

The story starts when a girl who works in a match factory tells Enola that her sister has gone missing without a trace. The girl is sure that something bad must have happened to her sister because she would never leave her alone.

With the few clues she has, Enola starts to look into what happened to Sarah Chapman. She sneaks into the match factory and finds that something strange is going on with her disappearance. The case seems to be related to a conspiracy that Sherlock Holmes (Henry Cavill) is looking into, so the brothers decide to work together.

Soon, Enola realizes that Sarah has found out a secret about the factory where she worked and a number of powerful people who may be responsible for her disappearance and are willing to do anything to shut her up and stop it. May everyone know what he found.

Sarah found out that a new material used at the match factory is making the workers sick and killing them. She went missing to avoid being caught before she could tell the truth and help her fellow workers.

Enola Holmes 2: Who was Sarah Chapman

The character played by Sarah Chapman was real, and her story is very similar to the one we see in the Netflix sequel.

According to the East End Women’s Museum, Sarah had six siblings, and all of them went to school, which was unusual for a working-class family at the time (she was born in 1862). However, Sarah, her mother, and her sisters all started working at a factory called Bryant and May.

According to the museum, Sarah worked as a bookkeeper for the company and got a good salary. This made her realize that her colleagues did not get a fair salary, that they worked too many hours a day, and that the working conditions were bad. They felt like they were not human, and many of them were angry and tired.

So, on July 5, 1888, Sarah Chapman was one of the leaders of a strike in which 1,400 women and girls working in the factory and 200 more from another nearby factory decided to march and stop working to show their bosses that they weren’t going to let the bad treatment continue.

Sarah was one of the people who planned the strike. While her coworkers were marching, she, Mrs. Mary Cummings, and Mrs. Naulls went to their bosses to tell them what they wanted.

With this, a union of women workers was formed, and it was decided that all the women on strike would be allowed back to work and paid a fair wage, or at least the same as the men. They would also be given a place to eat and a set of boxes so they wouldn’t have to carry the matches they sold on their heads.

The strike and the union helped thousands of women across the country get better working conditions, and Sarah became a key figure in the story. She is still a leader in the fight for fair treatment today.

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