The Scariest witch Movies and Television Series on Netflix

scariest witch movies and series on Netflix
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There’s always time to watch good witch movies and shows, and Netflix has a wide range of scary, spooky, magical, and mysterious ones.

Just what is a witch? When people started to believe in witches hundreds of years ago, they were thought to be women (and sometimes men) who made a deal with the devil to cause bad things to happen to their neighbors in exchange for power, youth, beauty, or even eternal life.

Faced with ignorance and fear of the unknown, hundreds of women were accused, tried, convicted, tortured, and then killed (usually by being burned at the fig tree) in public shows where the inquisitors showed everyone what could happen if they made the same mistakes.

Now we know that all of this was crazy and that witches, at least as they were pictured, don’t exist. However, the figure of the evil woman with a diabolical pact has become one of the most popular characters on film and TV. This is why we have so many great movies in which they are the main villains, using their magic and manipulation to spread fear and chaos in their communities, sometimes to get revenge or sometimes just to watch the world go by. So, we’ll tell you which tapes and TV shows about witches you shouldn’t miss.


This Spanish movie was one of the best ones to win a Goya (it took 5). Akelarre takes us to the Basque Country in 1609 when men from the area meet at sea. Six teenagers are accused of witchcraft by an inquisitor who is willing to do anything to get them to talk, leading to an investigation full of torture and trickery. The movie by Pablo Agüero not only has great photography and costumes, but it also tells a story that seems to be happening right now.

Fear Street

Based on books by RL Stine, the horror trilogy takes place in three different years: 1994, 1978, and 1666. In the 1990s, a group of teenagers finds out that a wave of violence and murders in their town is linked to a witch who was put to death hundreds of years ago and who put a curse on her tomb that says anyone who dares to touch it will die. When they find out that, they have to find a way to calm the witch and stop the curse so that the bloody deaths stop (yes, this trilogy with references to Friday the 13th, Scream, and the slasher genre is very bloody).

To the Blacksmith

It’s not really about witches, but there are some witchcraft-like parts to it. This movie is based on a Basque story about a lonely blacksmith who, according to a myth, makes a deal with the devil. It is directed by Paul Urkijo Alijo. The blacksmith keeps a demon in his workshop and uses it to get his talent, but things get out of hand when a girl comes by and the demon tricks her. This movie is a bit like Pan’s Labyrinth, but it has a more macabre, demonic, and satanic feel to it.


The Raid director and writer Gareth Evans is behind Apostle, a movie with Dan Stevens and Michael Sheen that takes place in a small, isolated town in 1905. It all starts when a man goes on a dangerous mission to save his sister, who has been taken by a dangerous religious cult on a remote island. He must go undercover to save her before it’s too late.

The Binding

This movie by Domenico Emanuele de Feudis stars Mia Maestro. The story is about a woman who takes her daughter to her fiancé’s mother’s house in a seemingly perfect Italian town. She soon finds out that the family has a dark past and that they have been performing a strange ritual with her daughter. Her daughter is then attacked by a dark presence that wants to kill her as revenge. There is some witchcraft, magic, and evil spirits in this book, as well as beautiful Italian scenery.

Tales at Nightfall

This fantasy horror movie is made by Sam Raimi and stars Krysten Ritter from Jessica Jones. Based on the book by JA White, the movie is about a boy who gets stuck in a strange apartment building and can’t get out. A witch tells him she will kill him if he leaves, so he has to make up a new scary story for her. to shock her

The Bastard Son and the Devil Himself 

This is a fantasy series about a teenager who finds out that his father was a powerful blood sorcerer and that he has an important destiny to fulfill. This leads to many murders and violent situations. The story shows that things are not what they seem to be, and Nathan, the bastard son, must find out what really happened while trying to find his power and getting involved in a war that could end the world.

The Midnight Club

This horror series, one of the best of 2022, is directed by Mike Flanagan. It asks if there is a way to talk to the dead and talks about how important it is to accept our own mortality and frailty. The Midnight Club is about a group of teenagers who go to a hospice to spend their last days. There, they start a midnight club where they tell scary stories in the hopes that one of them will be able to talk to him before he dies. rest and see if the idea that there is life after death is true.

Shadow and Bone

Shadow and Bone are also based on a series of books, and it is also an epic, magical story. The series is about Alina Starkov, who finds out that she is one of the most powerful grishas (something like a witch) in the world. Her destiny is to be a part of a battle that will decide the fate of the world, and if its power gets into the wrong hands, it could let the darkness out into the world.

Brand New Cherry Flavor

The 1996 book by Todd Grimson on which this miniseries is based. Lisa Nova, played by Rosa Salazar, is a film student who makes a short film that makes a powerful producer take notice. Lisa goes to a mysterious witch for help when her director betrays her and tries to steal her movie. The witch promises to help her, but she has to pay a price that is much higher than she thought. There is black magic, kittens, and even zombies. half rotten


This French show is the scariest thing ever. The story starts with a horror writer getting a visit from an old friend who tells her that everything she writes is true and that she needs to go back to the town she left years ago to stop a strange curse. The writer soon remembers that the main character in her books, Marianne, was the reason she left town in the first place and that Marianne is a real witch who is attacking her family and friends to make her come back.

The Witcher

Okay, this isn’t really horror, but it is a fantasy series about witches and witchcraft in the past. The series, which stars Henry Cavill, is based on the books of Geralt of Rivia, a monster hunter who is involved in a battle with a runaway princess, a group of powerful witches, and the worst monsters. frightening things in the world

Black Moon

There is some science fiction and a lot of fantasy in this Italian series about witches. In Luna Nera, a powerful family finds out that a teenager is a witch and forces her to go into hiding. There, she meets a group of warrior women who are doing everything they can to protect other witches from being tortured and killed. public because people were afraid and had bad ideas about them at the time.

The Order

This was one of the Netflix shows that got 100% on Rotten Tomatoes at the time. The series is pure teen horror. It starts when a student decides to join a secret order at his university to get revenge for the suspicious death of his mother. He doesn’t know that this will put him in the middle of a war between werewolves and sorcerers who use black magic.


This is one of the most popular Netflix shows. What more could you want? There are secret societies, rich teenagers, and a bad force that eats everything. The German series starts out with a teenage girl trying to join an elite group at her university. When she does, she finds out that things are not as simple as they seem and that the group is actually an ancient society that uses human sacrifices, bloody rituals, and power abuse, and that an evil force is after them all.

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