The White Lotus Season 2: What We Know So Far?

The White Lotus Season 2
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The first season of The White Lotus took us to a fancy hotel in Hawaii, where a group of bad people was getting ready for a perfect and relaxing vacation. However, when someone turns up dead, their plans are ruined, and the show’s creator shows us what happened little by little until he gets to the point of the crime.


The show was nominated for best miniseries because of this, and its creators later said that it was the first part of an anthology in which bad things would happen in different locations of the same hotel around the world.


The second season takes place in Sicily’s The White Lotus, where we meet a new group of people, such as a frustrated personal assistant, a man traveling with his father and grandfather, and two wealthy couples who are there for a fun-filled week. It doesn’t take long before things start to go wrong.


The second season of the HBO Max show starts with a tragedy, just like the first season did. One of the hotel guests sees a body floating in the water, and it turns out that she is not the only one to find a body near the hotel.


Someone at the hotel is to blame for the suspicious deaths of several guests, who were probably killed, but who?


The White Lotus 2 and which Character could be the Killer

Daphne Sullivan

She is Cameron Sullivan’s wife, and Meghann Fahy plays her. They live a life of luxury and excess, but they also have something bad about them.


She tells Harper in Noto that she’s not a victim and that she has ways to deal with her husband’s affairs and problems, which makes us think she might not be as innocent as she seems. She is the one who finds one of the bodies, but she might be surprised because she is afraid of being caught, not because she is shocked to see a dead person.


Ethan Spiller

Will Sharpe plays Ethan Spiller, a business owner who sold his company and became a millionaire overnight. Ethan is Cameron’s friend, and he and his wife, Harper, are on the road.


Spiller seems to be a good guy, but he has a lot of secrets and is keeping things from his wife, like the fact that he and Cameron partied with two prostitutes at the hotel, so it’s likely that he could be the killer. Even if they do it by accident, they are keeping their secrets.


Mine and Lucia

Beatrice Grann and Sima Tabasco are friends who want to take advantage of the wealthy people who stay at the White Lotus in Sicily. They live nearby and work as prostitutes (Lucia brings Mia into that world), so they see almost everyone.


Mia has already killed the hotel’s pianist by accident with drugs, so there is no doubt that the dead bodies found in the hotel could be the result of a “party” gone wrong in which both of them were involved. Since there are two of them, they have a better chance of being able to throw the bodies into the water without being found. However, their lack of experience could be the reason they are caught.


Albie DiGrasso

Adam DiMarco plays a student who goes on a trip with his grandfather and father to find out where he comes from in Sicily. But this trip is hard for him.


We don’t know who the bodies are, but it’s possible that Albie, in his desperation and anger that Portia doesn’t notice him, does something terrible that hurts his father and grandfather, or even the man from whom he stole Portia’s attention.



Jennifer Coolidge’s character tells Haley Lu Richardson, who is her personal assistant, not to leave her room and to stay hidden so that her husband doesn’t see her.


Portia is unhappy with her life. Her boss puts her under a lot of pressure, and she wants to go on an exciting adventure, but this could end in tragedy and death. Portia could kill someone by accident, and those floating corpses could be the result.


Harper Plays

Harper, who is played by Aubrey Plaza, is a lawyer who helps people fight back against bosses who are mean to them. She is going out with Ethan, and it’s clear she doesn’t want to be friends with Cameron and Daphne.


Harper is also unhappy with her situation, which could make her so desperate that she kills someone. However, she is one of the most stable characters and smart, so she would not do something so careless.



Sabrina Impacciatore plays the Manager of the White Lotus, who wants everything to be perfect and for her employees to always do their jobs right.


Valentina is clearly under a lot of pressure and is a bit intense and aggressive at work, but the hotel is what is most important to her, so it is unlikely that she is to blame for the murders, especially since she was genuinely shocked to find out that I had passed it. She also has a psychopathic side and cares more about how the hotel looks than how the guests or employees feel, which could make her do something crazy.


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